10:00 - 10:10          Welcome

                               Dr. Vito Puliafito (General Chair)

                               Prof. Bruno Azzerboni (Chair of the Italy Chapter of the IEEE Magnetic Society)


10:10 - 11:10          Keynote Speaker

                               AC Induced Corrosion - issues of modeling and simulation

                               Prof. Nathan Ida (Fellow IEEE) - University of Akron


11:10 - 11:30          Invited Speaker

                               Exploiting the potential of GPU-native communications in Petascale Scientific Environments: Applications to Spintronic

                               Dr. Giulio Siracusano - University of Messina


11:30 - 11:50          Towards a mutually synchronized 2D array of nanocontact spin torque oscillators: A micromagnetic study
                               Dr. Maurizio Pauselli - University of Perugia


11:50 - 12:10          Propagation of collective spin wave in bicomponent nanowire array and periodic structure

                               Dr. Raffaele Silvani - University of Perugia


12:10 - 12:30          On the homogenization of magnetic properties of composite materials for the shielding of low frequency magnetic field

                               Prof. Antonino Laudani - University of Roma Tre


12:30- 12:50           Neural networks and nature-inspired heuristics applied to the magnetic hysteresis

                               Prof. Francesco Riganti Fulginei - University of Roma Tre


12:50 - 13:10          Non-destructive diagnostic of crystal grain orientation in Goss-textured ferromagnets

                               Dr. Simone Quondam Antonio - University of Perugia


13:10 - 13:30          About performances of inductors for lightning protection in avionic environment

                               Dr. Hari Prasad Rimal - University of Perugia


13:30                      Workshop Closing